Everything Goes Better With…, Laura McLean
…I start to wonder about the taste of Coca Cola in heaven and we stop at a grocery store. I get a nice cold bottle of coke and take a sip...ahhhhhhhhh..sssssssssss...fizzy goodness in heaven. Before I can burp though, I see something on aisle 4 that stops me (pardon the pun) dead in my tracks. It is what used to be the feminine hygiene section, but is now full of sports icons and brawny dudes' pictures. WAIT...OH MY.... I feel myself fainting from happiness as I realize MEN MENSTRUATE IN HEAVEN!!! Wait 'til Gloria Steinem gets a load of this….

Releasing Heaven, Rebecca Gummere
…The trouble with heaven as a place that fulfills my dreams is that, when compared to the Divine, I am not capable of very big dreams…
In fact, I think I can safely say we all lack eternal vision, because if we were people of that kind of vision, we’d have already eradicated poverty and homelessness and abuse and killing and disease and loneliness and despair by now….

Here, Ellen Downs
After my mother died I had a hard grieving period. On one of the many sleepless nights…. I finally drifted off into a magnificent dream…. My mom and I were together walking and talking. When I awoke, I had little memory of what we talked about, but I did remember the very last thing she said to me. I was sharing with her how much I loved her and how much I missed her. She stood up and held her arms out, turning like a ballerina performing a pirouette. … “But it’s so beautiful here.”…
…Those words spoke so much to me. How could I want her back from heaven? Mom is…eternally happy, eternally young. … Yes, it’s hard to live without her…but I…will be with her ‘here’ one day.

In the Womb, SueAnn Schmidt
…I read a story by Norman Vincent Peale, who gave us the beautiful imagery of a baby in the womb who was feeling quite happy with that warm, secure, safe, comfortable environment tucked in there under his mother’s heart. … Then someone might suggest to the unborn child, you cannot stay here. There is something much more exciting awaiting you… How could anything be better than the security and comfort of the womb? It would be death to leave this place—it is all I've ever known. I want to stay here. But it is not death, it is birth to leave the womb and enter the world.
I love thinking that heaven is as different from earth as earth is from the womb. …

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