Imagining Heaven , an anthology of personal visions of heaven, is now complete! Submissions chosen were those that promote thought and conversations about the great adventure that awaits us, in accord with my goal to transform our fear of death into anticipation of that adventure.

When my husband died, imagining heaven, where he and I would be reunited, brought me great comfort. The grief counseling I received through Hospice helped in so many ways, and offered hope where I could see none. At some point, we all will be bereaved – loss is inevitable. It’s the “growing beyond” what happens to us that helps us survive and be open to what comes next. Another of my goals for this project is to provide a forum for grief education by focusing on the eternal. I have enjoyed reading how our first 100+ authors imagine heaven and look forward to sharing their thoughts with you while we all support Hospice and their many services.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit Hospice. You can purchase copies of Imagining Heaven here.

Open the gateway of your mind and create your own image of heaven! Plans are in the works for a second volume. If you’re interested in writing your personal vision of heaven to share with future readers, in prose or poetry, please stay tuned to this website for guidelines as well as updates on its progress.

Go ahead… take a breath… think about it… the greatest adventure of our lives; what do you think it will be like? I’d love to know!


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